Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alais Soapy Smith

Available now on advanced order is the most comprehensive book ever written about legendary "confidence man" Soapy Smith. Priced at just $26.00 softcover and $43.00 hardcover plus postage, this is the buy of the century.

Author and great-grandson, Jeff Smith, spent 25 years researching his book and has left no stones unturned. Jeff has told the truth as he found it in this comprehensive biography of his Great-Grandfather, an extraordinary confidence man, gambler and all-around bad man.

From Georgia to Texas and from Colorado to Alaska you will learn firsthand the inter-workings of a swindler/crime boss and business man with many surprise associations.

Order now to insure getting a copy from the very first printing.

1 comment:

Jeff Smith said...

Wow, thank you Bob, for the kind words! I admit I AM extra proud of this project. I am looking forward to how it is accepted. So far things look pretty good.