Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the move...

If you have enjoyed my blogs you may want to check out my latest effort: Gambling Antiques

In addition, I also maintain the following sites:

Old West Antiques
Frontier Gamblers
Saloon Tokens
Luke Short
Dodge City Peace Commission

If you find the time stop by and say "hi".


Jeff Smith said...

I'm now a follower of your Gambling Antiques blog. Very nice and informative, as all your sites are. I did note that I could not make a "comment" there so I'm making it here. Keep up the great work!

Bob Wood said...

Hey Jeff, Great hearing from you. Sorry about the fact you are unable to comment on the other site. I can't seem to figure how to turn on the feature, if that's even possible.

I stopped by your site after receiving your newsletter. I really enjoy reading about your efforts and new finds. Soapy's story really needs to be told on the silver screen. I hope that happens one day soon.

Take care my friend!